Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management is one of the largest French academic institutions for teaching and research in that field. It provides high-quality education in the following areas of study: economic analysis, innovation economy, econometrics, management of companies, production,management, logistics, quality, international management, finance, history of economic thought… The diplomas issued by the Faculty are considered in businesses of all sizes, in studies, research and counselling departments etc.

The Faculty has signed 41 exchange agreements or conventions across Europe (Germany, United-Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey). It also offers dual degrees in partnership with the University of Trento, the Napier Business School of the University of Edinburg (Scotland's top business school) and the University of Coventry.


Claude Guittard

Degree programmes

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Student life

  • Strasbourg's association of economics students (AESES)
  • Association of management students: production, logistics, innovation and quality (APLIQ)
  • Association of master's students in economics (AMES)
  • Strasbourg's association of economics's students alumni  (EXECO)

Facts and figures

  • 2 100 bachelor's, master's and doctorate students
  • 3 research laboratories (over 100 researchers)
  • Over 20 000 graduates and supporters in the world
  • 30 initial and further trainings
  • 55 teachers
  • Over 100 independant contractors
  • 50 international exchange agreements
  • 1 alumni network