Faculty of Life Sciences

The Faculty of Life Sciences provides teaching in the various branches of biology. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses offer a broad choice of curriculums to students and give room to practical training. In line with the long tradition of scientific education and research in Strasbourg, the Faculty fosters the preservation of scientific heritage through the management of the Botanic Gardens of Strasbourg and Saverne, the Herbarium and the Zoological Museum.

The Faculty’s courses lead to careers in secondary education, research in the public and private sectors in broad fields that include biochemistry, molecular biology, animals and plants physiology and biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, cellular biology, neurosciences, chemistry as well as emerging subjects such as genomics, biological imagery or bioinformatics.


François Gauer

Degree programmes

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Associated research units

Student life

  • Amicale des sciences (student's society)
  •  Société de botanique d'Alsace
  •  Association des amis du Jardin botanique de Strasbourg
  •  Association de philomatique d'Alsace

Facts and figures

  • Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences : 1 312 students
  • Master's degree in Life and Health Sciences : 376 students
  • Doctorate: 187 students
  • 93 lecturers