Robert Schuman University Institute of Technology (IUT Robert Schuman)

The Institute prepares students to careers in the fields of chemistry, civil engineering, computer sciences, communication, document resources and trade. Diplomas issued by the IUT open to a wide range of careers and are valued by employers. The Institute is located on the Illkirch campus and offers an ideal study environment.



Bernard Lickel

Degree programmes

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Student life

  • Bureau des étudiants de chimie
  • Bureau des étudiants de génie civil (AEGC)
  • Bureau des étudiants d'informatique (CORE)
  • Bureau des étudiants d'information-communication (CAMELEON)
  • Bureau des étudiants de techniques de commercialisation

Facts and figures

  • 7 associate degrees in technology (DUT)
  • 10 vocational Bachelor's degrees


  • 1 419 students
    including 1 074 DUT students and 345 vocational Bachelor's degree students
  • 153 trainees
  • 11 continuing education students

Teaching staff

  • 36 secondary education teachers
  • 65 lecturers
  • 10 external contractors
    Total : 111 teaching staff

Technical and administrative staff

  • 46 employees