Dual study programmes

Dual study programmes allow students to study at undergraduate or graduate level while carrying out a professional activity. They are available to foreign applicants from EU countries or holding a work permit.


Enter the world of work while obtaining a qualification!

Dual degree programmes allow applicants to start a professional career while studying for a degree. Students alternate between theoretical classes at the university and work periods within a company to put their skills into practice.


  • Free training and paid work
  • A recognised qualification suited to the needs of companies
  • Work experience
  • Supervision by a professional and a teacher (tutor)

Contract terms

Dual study programmes include two types of contract: the contrat d’apprentissage, which is mainly aimed at people between 16 and 25 years old, and the contrat de professionnalisation directed towards people over 26 and job-seekers.

Type of contract: fixed-term or non fixed-term contract from 1 to 3 years according to the qualification

Status: employee of the company, subject to the same rights and obligations as other employees (working time, paid leave, retirement, unemployment benefit, social security, company rules and regulations...)

Eligible companies: public and private-sector companies (depending on the type of contract)

Wage: a percentage of the French minimum wage, depending on the age of the apprentice and his qualification. There are no tuition fees or training expenses.

Steps to enrolment

  1. Find a degree programme
  2. Contact the faculty, school or institute concerned to learn more about the programme and ensure you meet the requirements
  3. Look for a company to hire you
  4. To be selected for the training, submit your application file to the University
  5. Sign the contract and start the training


Important information

  • Mission apprentissage -  University of Strasbourg

E-mail: asteydli@unistra.fr
Tel: +33 3 68 85 61 59

E-mail: cfau@uha.frTel: +33 3 89 33 65 90

For people over 26 and job-seekers:

Email: sfc-contact@unistra.fr
Tel: +33 3 68 85 49 20