The presidency

The Chairperson

The Chairperson is elected by an absolute majority of the board members, by secret ballot. Their mandate corresponds to that of the board of directors and the other boards: it lasts four years, and can be renewed once.

The Chairperson presents an annual report to the board of directors. The Chairperson is a teacher-researcher, researcher, professor or lecturer, associate or guest, or any other similar member of staff.

Throughout their term of office, they propose the vice-chairpersons, voted in by the majority of the active members of the boards, including a student, whom they have chosen from the members of the university community, and for whom they specify the respective roles.


Michel Deneken, Professor, Faculty of Catholic Theology, Chairperson
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The Vice-Chairpersons

Senior Vice Chairperson, Vice Chairperson Research and Doctoral Training

Catherine Florentz, Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences

Vice Chairperson Strategies and Developments

Christelle Roy, Director of Research, CNRS

Vice Chairperson Appreciation and relations with the socio-economic world

Michel de Mathelin, Professor, Telecom Physique Strasbourg

Vice-Chairperson Training

Benoît Tock, Professor, Faculty of Historical Sciences

Vice-Chairperson Digital Conversion and Educational Innovations

François Gauer, Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences

Vice-Chairperson International Relations

Irini Tsamadou-Jacoberger, Professor, Faculty of Languages

Vice-Chairperson University Life

Marine Stoffel, Student at the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Political Studies

Vice-Chairperson Culture, Science in Society

Mathieu Schneider, Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts
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Vice-Chairperson Human Resources and Social Policy

Elisabeth Demont, Professor, Faculty of Psychology

Vice-Chairperson Heritage

Yves Larmet, Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences

Vice-Chairperson Finance

Jean-Yves Pabst, Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy

The Deputy Vice-Chairpersons

  • Véronique Bulach, Deputy Vice-Chairperson Research Doctoral Training
  • Yannick Hoarau, Deputy Vice-Chairperson Research Data and Open Science
  • Valérie Lamour, Deputy Vice-Chairperson, Research, Inter-disciplinarity and Research-Training Links
  • Jay Rowell, Deputy Vice-Chairperson Research, Structuring Research Units and Attractiveness
  • Pascale Bergmann, Deputy Vice-Chairperson for Student Success
  • Nathalie Hillenweck, Deputy Vice-Chairperson for Professional Integration
  • Brigitte Pagnani, Deputy Vice-Chairperson for Lifelong Education
  • Joern Pütz, Deputy Vice-Chairperson for Franco-German Relations
  • Philippe Turek, Deputy Vice-Chairperson, in charge of coordinating international research training
  • Serge Potier, Deputy Vice-Chairperson, Investments for the Future
  • Isabelle Kraus, Deputy Vice-Chairperson Equality-Parity

The office

Chief of Staff: Jérôme Castle

Office manager: Anne-Isabelle Bischoff

The steering committee

The steering committee deals mainly with topics and issues that involve research and/or training having an impact on finances or human resources. It consists of:

  • the Chairperson
  • Senior Vice Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for Research and Doctoral Training
  • Vice-Chairperson Training
  • Vice-Chairperson Human Resources and Social Policy
  • Vice-Chairperson Finance
  • Managing Director in charge of services
  • Deputy Managing Directors
  • Office Director

It holds weekly meetings.

The bureau and the extended bureau

The bureau reviews projects related to the duties of Vice-Chairpersons that require arbitration. It is made up of the members of the steering committee associated with

  • the Vice-Chairperson for University Life
  • Vice Chairperson Appreciation and relations with the socio-economic world
  • Vice-Chairperson International Relations
  • Vice-Chairperson Heritage
  • Vice-Chairperson Culture, Science in Society
  • Vice-Chairperson, Investments for the Future.

It meets once every month.

The expanded bureau for the Deputy Vice-Chairpersons is extended by the Deputy Vice-Chairpersons. It meets every 5 weeks. Their meeting is the opportunity for a global presentation of the news of a field of operation and discussion on the main cases and initiatives underway. Part of their session takes place in the presence of collegiate heads.

Conference of Component Directors

Composed of the vice-chairpersons and all the component directors, it is a place of information and exchange.

The conference is convened one week before each board meeting to review the agenda of the board meeting and to be informed of various issues involving the components in their role as training operators.