French as a foreign language courses

Many services at the University of Strasbourg are here to help you develop the language skills necessary for academic life and overcome cultural and language barriers.  Listed below are all programmes, resources and facilities designed to learn French as a foreign language.

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PLEASE NOTE: the University of Strasbourg does not provide free French courses for beginners. We normally expect all applicants to hold a B1 level in French before applying.

French courses at the LanSAD centre

“French as a foreign language” classes are provi- ded, free of charge, for all students (regular and exchange students) who have at least an A2 level.

  • French course (Unité d’enseignement – UE): you can choose a French course within your learning agreement or as an optional or language course. These “French as foreign language” (Français langue étrangère – FLE) courses are intended for students who need an exam mark to validate ECTS credits.
    Students must have at least a B1 or B2 level. Register on the ENT web portal (Environnement Numérique de Travail) at the beginning of the semester. The number of places is limited.
  • Language support (Programme d’accompa- gnement Linguistique – PAL): this programme combines workshop attendance and self-study. If your home university allows you to obtain ECTS credits for French without taking examinations, a certificate of attendance may be obtained for a minimum 30-hour workload. The PAL is also open to students who wish to improve their French for personal reasons (no ECTS validation).
    Students must have at least an A2 level. Register for an obligatory orientation session (séance d’accueil) on the ENT web portal (Environnement Numérique de Travail). To obtain a certificate of attendance, register before October 15 (1st semes- ter) or February 18 (2nd semester).
  • TANDEM  website: helps you find French speaking partners who wish to learn your mother tongue. Register on the web portal (Environnement Numérique de Travail - ENT).
  • RELAIS  website: a selection of useful websites for learning and practicing French (academic and everyday language), on

The International Institute for French Studies (IIEF)

The International Institute for French Studies (IIEF) offers a variety of university degrees, language courses and programs in French language and culture:

  • University degrees from beginner (A1) to advanced levels (C2)
  • Internationally and nationally recognised degrees (DELF and DALF)
  • International summer schools (in July for teachers and August for students)
  • Training courses : upon the start of the first and second semesters –September and January– , students get the opportunity to attend an upgrade course preparing them to academic life

 Contact the IIEF for further details.

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IIEF - Institut International d'Études Françaises
22 rue René Descartes
67000 Strasbourg

Tel. : 03 68 85 60 50
E-mail :

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