Disability support

The University of Strasbourg aims to facilitate equal access to University programs and activities for students with disabilities and provide the best possible learning and living environment through a wide range of dedicated services.

Our mission

The Campus Life Service (SVU) offers support and advice to students with disabilities through a dedicated service, Mission Handicap. It is committed to providing students with the necessary assistance and adjustments during their course of studies. Students requiring specific assistance must contact Mission Handicap upon enrolment and visit a doctor at the University Health Service (SUMPS). 

Mission Handicap's services include:

  • supporting students with disabilities through their studies and guide them on their career paths
  • coordinating all activities related to disability support in University (support for students and staff, disability awareness events...)
  • implementing national or regional plans


Service de la vie universitaire - Mission Handicap
Bâtiment le Platane
2 allée René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg cedex

E-mail: svu-handicap@unistra.fr