United States and Australia (MAUI - AEN)

As a member of the Utrecht network, the University of Strasbourg has a cooperation agreement with the Mid-America Universities International (MAUI) and the Australian European Network (AEN).

Mid-America Universities International (MAUI)

The MAUI – Utrecht Network Student Exchange Program is facilitated by a consortium of universities across the Midwestern United States and Europe. The network of schools and programs abroad enables MAUI students to study at sites throughout Europe for one semesters, the entire academic year, or during special summer institutes and Utrecht Network students to study in the heart of America for a semester or year.

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Autralian-European Network (AEN)

The Australian-European Network (AEN) and the Utrecht Network (UN) form a multi-lateral student exchange program that facilitates the educational exchange of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students between the member Universities. Established in 1999 it now includes 7 Australian and 31 European member Universities.

The aim of both networks is to further the internationalisation of higher education through student mobility, summer schools, the internationalisation of curricula and co-operation at an institutional level. The members of the network are all prominent and broadly based educational institutions which assume a cultural responsibility alongside their academic and educational tasks.

> Partner universities

  • Edith Cowan University, West Australia
  • University of Tasmania, Tasmania
  • Deakin University, Victoria
  • University of Western Sydney, New South Wales
  • Griffith University, Queensland
  • University of Wollongong, New South Wales
  • Macquarie University, New South Wales

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